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Low Cost Housing Solutions

Low Cost Housing Solutions are dedicated to provide pakka house complete with chulaha and toilet to common masses at an affordable cost with normal materials.

Low Cost Housing Solutions design and construct affordable houses by using an innovative technology invented by Mr Suresh Chawla, who has always worked towards inventing new technologies which are not only most economical but are environment friendly as well. This housing is lowest in cost but longest lasting beyond 50 years due to its construction in R.C.C.

It is not a Pre-Fab

This construction technology is not prefabricated, rather cast at site in RCC so as to provide natural feel to its users.

The materials used are same as conventional materials but the process has been so designed that it is manages to save considerable time in construction.

There is no change in materials but it is a change in process, which enables construction in less than 24 hours.

Affordable Housing and Low Cost Housing
We are able to provide both, affordable housing as well as low cost housing.

Affordable and low-cost housing are often interchangeably used, but are quite different from each other. Low-cost housing is generally meant for EWS category and comprises bare minimum housing facilities while affordable housing is mostly meant for LIG and MIG and includes basic amenities like schools, hospitals and other community facilities and services. The amenities for the low cost housing are bare minimum to none, whereas for affordable housing they are very basic. The size of dwelling unit is upto 300 sqft and 300-1200 sqft respectively.

Focus of Government and Builders on Affordable Housing

There is a recent shift in focus from government and builders side towards affordable housing. As per the 11th 5 year plan, there is shortage of 24.71 million dwellings and about 99% of this shortage is in EWS and LIG segment. Furthermore, it is projected that the urban population will rise to 533 million by 2025.

It is an initiative today by all governments to provide pakka house to everyone so that the slums and squatter settlements could be removed from the face of the country. Various programs such as Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), Indira Awas Yojna (IAY) showcase the commitment that government has towards such cause and for this, it has shown its willingness to partner with private sector, the cooperative sector, the financial services sector, urban local bodies etc. for realizing its goal of affordable housing for all. Even reputed builders have awakened to this need. However the major issue is always the costs involved and time taken.


Suresh Chawla

The First Amusement Park of the country was the creation of Mr Suresh Chawla, an entrepreneur who took the plunge in the area unknown in India in terms of amusement parks.

Entrepreneurship was a journey that began early for him. Though as an Engineering student in the field of Mechanical Engineering, his interests lay in civil engineering and he keenly studied the new techniques being employed in western countries for constructions. Being a class 1 contractor, he undertook many projects in constructions and interiors which are detailed in his Profile. However, it is worth mentioning here that he was able to break records by building many pavilions at Pragati Maidan, year after year for national and international Trade Fairs and two buildings which deserve special mention are Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Pavilions. These pavilions were completed in shortest possible time of 40 and 60 days respectively using innovative technology.

In 1984, an opportunity to pioneer the first amusement park of country came in the form of APPU GHAR, which was the dream child of then Hon'ble Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi. This was his second big venture and he gave his all to this project. Within 46 days (an unachievable task especially when all equipment has to be imported) the park was completed and thrown open to public, who starved out of entertainment options, gate crashed the park. The next few years kept him busy designing and establishing amusement parks all over country. His mechanical engineering helped him manufacture rides indigenously and two factories at Noida were set up for this.

Not one to compromise on quality, Suresh Chawla did not want to compete with small time fly by night vendors. Having scientific bent of mind and his wish to contribute to environment, he started diverting his time towards inventions and soon he developed many inventions and patented them. His inventions can be studied under Inventions or at www.sureshchawla.com


We undertake to provide affordable housing by designing, structure engineering, construction of the houses for EWS, LIG, MIG, natural clamity hit areas, army cantonment areas, para military force, defence forces, hilly areas etc.

Village houses, though have traditional values, are usually made of mud, thatched roofs, industrial wastes, cupboards, or whatever is available cheaply or at no cost ! But they need continuous maintenance and has short life span. Poor, with no means, finds it utmost difficult to afford a proper house. More often than not, it doesn't even have a toilet facility.

Since the use of the house is for economically weaker sections of the society, care has been taken that it is cost effective and strong, since villagers and tribal's are more interested in durable house. Even the lowest cost housing designed by architects are beyond the financial reach of these people and rural reconstruction is not a high priority for builders. The houses are small structures of Rs. 25,000-75,000, and there isn't much of a profit margin.

Low Cost Housing Solutions founder Mr Suresh Chawla, a scientist and entrepreneur has conceptualized this technology who envisioned what elements of functionality, value and aesthetics can be infused into the houses. This technology can be used replacing thatched houses, EWS, LIG And MIG.

This construction technology is not prefabricated, rather cast at site in RCC so as to provide natural feel to its users. The materials used are same as conventional materials but the process has been so designed that it is manages to save considerable time in construction.

Sample flat for Tribal at Orissa

This is a new invention and demonstration houses have been made in Bhubaneswar for Odisha Government with the enthusiastic approach and quick sanctioning under the leadership of Hon'ble Finance Minister Sh. Prafulla Chandra Ghadai & Hon'ble Minister for Panchayat Raj, Information & Public Relation Sh. Pafulla Samal, Government of Odisha. It was inaugurated by them at the city location for viewing and then a sample flat at actual tribal location was built and donated to a tribal. It offered a view of rural traditional aesthetics reinforced through simple technical innovations for low-cost construction using local materials.